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FRIDAY 11.25.22

SLAB & A POP BOX - $150 – 3:00 PM CST

If you are into signed trading cards this is something for you. Each box will have a signed and Beckett slabbed custom trading card in it! Plus a signed Funko to boot!

1 Signed and Beckett Slabbed Custom Trading Card

1 Signed Funko Pop

Some Rules & Statements – PLEASE READ

* Strict one box type per HOUSEHOLD / ADDRESS. If you “by mistake” buy more than one your ENTIRE order may be cancelled.  If you cannot read this one will be appointed to you by the state.
* Shipped via UPS ONLY in the land of freedom.  Price calculated at checkout
* International shipped via DHL only – price calculated at checkout. We know this may be more expensive but it is the fastest and most secure way to get your box to you.  If you really don't want DHL go ahead and purchase one and we will switch it to the carrier you want and refund the difference.  You will assume all risk if you choose a different carrier.
* All boxes will be shipped out by end of day Monday 11.28.22
* Website will say “SOLD OUT” until the sale time when inventory is added.  If it says “SOLD OUT” after the sale time they are gone.
* These may (or may not) sell out fast.  Just because it is in your cart doesn’t mean you get one.  You must complete the checkout to get one. We do not control how the site works. It is suggested you have an account and everything ready to go.
* If you do not get one please do not get upset with those who got one or get mad at us for not making more.  There are no conspiracies going on…except for the Mattress Store being drug ring thing but we don’t talk about that…
* All signatures are Beckett or JSA certified and came from a signing we did ourselves or a trusted partner did the signing – not just some dude.
* We will not “Hold One” for you.  We don’t do that for anyone.  We may hold your beer and you may not get it back.
* These are open to everyone.  No cool kid club card needed to purchase.
* There is no crying in mystery boxes. It is not the end of the world (may be up for debate) but no crying.
* Thank you all for your support!