Tobin Bell Autograph Preorder

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Mintych Authentics is all cut up to offer an autograph presale with...


I want to play a game! Tobin Bell is best know as Jigsaw in the Saw franchise. He has been in a lot of other great films but lets be's all about Jigsaw! The Saw franchise started in 2004 and has spawned a total of 10 films including the most recent one Saw X! Tobin Bell is a horror icon - he doesn't do many conventions anymore so here is your chance to add his autograph to your collection!

Tobin will be doing personalizations and two different quotes - "I Want To Play A Game" or "Game Over" - nothing else.  

We have photos, Saw Blades and Trick Or Treat Studios masks available as well as the option for you to send in your own item!

Pricing starts at $65 with Beckett Authentication included in the price!

Signing is slated to take place in January of 2024 so order cutoff is January 1, 2024